Gustus Vitae- Seasonings

A variety of handcrafted seasonings made with fresh herbs and spices.

Gustus Vitae- Cane Sugar

A selection of different handmade cane sugar mixes that add a variety of spices to match the taste of the flavor.

Mud Puddle Farm Honey

Locally made honey from Cumberland, MD.

Oliver Pluff & Co.- Colonial Honey

A perfectly sweet honey from Charleston, SC, that can be used for any food or drink of your choosing.

Bright Side Farm Honey

A delicious honey made from a veteran owned grower, locally made in Flintstone, MD.

Ogre Sauce- BBQ Sauce

An incredibly versatile craft BBQ sauce that goes well on just about anything!

Oliver Pluff & Co.- Tea

With a wide selection of different types of tea, Oliver Pluff & Co. have a historical background in making some of the best teas made today.

Verve Culture- Mexican Hot Chocolate

Real chocolate from Oaxaca is made with simple ingredients; just cocoa butter, sugar, almond, and other nuts and spices.

Gladstone Mercantile 

The Mediterranean Line- Harissa Oil

Harissa oil is a staple in North African and Middle Eastern cuisine, that adds a smokiness and great flavor.

Gladstone Mercantile

Blood Orange Natural Flavors- Infused Olive Oil

This olive oil is fabulous when being used as a dressing for salads and zesty dishes.

Gladstone Mercantile

Lemongrass Balsamic

Lemongrass balsamic made in Modena, Italy, that features white wine vinegar and lemongrass flavors.

Gladstone Mercantile

Chefs Blend- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chilean, extra virgin olive oil that has a bitterness and pungency to it.

Gladstone Mercantile

Rosemary Natural Flavors- Infused

Delicious rosemary oil that is perfect for dipping bread into, or tossed into pasta, fish, or salad dishes.

Gladstone Mercantile

Peach White Balsamic

Made in Modena, Italy from local grapes, and aged in an oak barrel with peaches. This balsamic is an incredible addition to salads or red meat dishes.

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